Gold vs. Black Gold: Nolo Contendere!

3d rendering of stacked gold bars

There is no denying that oil has been a major source of energy, since the beginning of the industrial revolution. And there is no arguing the fact that energy sector investors have fared very well with black gold ownership. There is also no doubt that burning oil and coal are two of the world’s greatest causes of pollution. But in a very short period of time, all that is going to change dramatically, because technology has finally pushed three non-polluting energy sources to front and center.

By 2020, American automakers intend to have tens of thousands of electric cars on the road utilizing hydrogen fuel cell technology. The technology was first utilized by the space program and delays in implementation have mainly been caused by the creation of technology required to insure the safety, storage and transportation of the highly flammable fuel. Hydrogen is plentiful on the Earth and the exhaust of the hydrogen fuel cell process is nothing but pure water.

The next energy source to be tapped is helium-3. China intends to lead the development of this technology and is on a mission, similar to the challenge put forth by JFK back in the 60’s. Within two years, China intends to begin mining the moon for an isotope called helium-3, a light, abundant and non-radioactive fusion fuel. Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field has prevented the isotope from collecting on the Earth’s surface, but the moon’s unprotected surface has served as a perfect collector for eons. Conservative estimates indicate the presence of more than a million metric tons of helium-3, which could power human energy needs for 10,000 years.

Finally and most importantly, technology has caught up with what Einstein correctly identified as the Earth’s most abundant, constant and efficient source of energy – solar power. Newly developed technology allows electricity to be generated from solar energy, without bulky and expensive solar panels and can even generate electricity at night! That’s right, even at night. Many countries, including our own, are already beginning to implement the technology at a breakneck pace.

In summation, oil and coal are going the way of the dinosaur, again. Further, considering the disarray of global economies, dwindling global production and the precarious position of many major currencies, gold is poised to rocket in value and physical possession of the metal should be of paramount importance to anyone concerned with the current world economic and political scenario. Black gold is on course to rapidly be replaced as a primary energy source. On the other hand, gold is positioned to increase dramatically in value, as countries and currencies continue to falter or fail. Gold ownership not only serves as a great vehicle for insurance against global folly, but now more than ever offers a tremendous potential for appreciation and universal value. Today, black gold vs. gold is simply no contest.

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