2008 Crisis. All Over Again. Or Even Worse?

Every fiat currency, since the Romans first began the practice in the first century, has ended with inflation, devaluation and eventual collapse, for not only the currency, but also the economy that utilized the fiat currency. Direct barter originally powered trade (so much of this for so much of that). Gold and silver were some of the tradable commodities. Rome’s Denarius was one of the first coins to be created for trade purposes. The coin was made of pure silver when introduced at the beginning of the first century. 50 years later, silver content of the Denarius had dropped to 94%. 50 years later, Denarius’ silver content was down to 85%. Another hundred years later, its content was down to 43%. Less than 50 years later, its content was reduced to less than 1%, where it remained until the fall of Rome, when it was virtually no longer accepted as a medium of exchange or a store of value.

Today’s investors have a false sense of control. They feel that they’ll have time to react to an economic incident, like we experienced in 2008. It took the Dow Jones Industrial Average sixteen months to drop from 15,799 to 7,889 during the 2008 collapse. But the conditions leading to our next economic event are bigger and broader from 2008, in every way. And many participants are just now getting back to where they were before the 2008 collapse, so a majority of the investment community has lost out on ten years of growth going into the next economic chasm. The number of economic dominos precariously positioned right now is large and the Dollar itself could very well be a central part of the next collapse. Make no mistake about it. This will not be a 50% drop over a year or two. The potential devastation of this collapse could be much more in line with the currency collapse of the Weimar Republic, which in 1923 alone, saw its currency decrease in value form 17,000:$1 to 4,200,000,000,000:$1. It was far more cost effective to burn Marks for heat, than to try and transport them for the purchase of anything, even a loaf of bread.
Stocks Falling
A simple fact of the matter is that there are not enough precious metals to go around. Trying to react after a downturn has begun will be far more difficult than simply swimming upstream. Greater demand causes greater cost. And when it’s not available, even cost becomes irrelevant. This is why I hope readers realize the current and immediate opportunity. Prices are low and precious metals are available. Only those willing to prepare will have an opportunity to shield themselves, their assets, and their families from the ravages of the coming economic storm. Our government just doubled our national debt in ten years. The Fed is printing our currency like Monopoly money. The only growth in the market is being artificially produced by a shell game. Survival of the fittest is general rule of our planet and a failure to choose financial protection at this point could be the worst decision ever made. Survival isn’t accidental. It’s planned for.

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