Will the Month of May Put Some Spring in Silver?

Today’s gold:silver ratio is roughly 74:1, though silver has been closing the gap throughout 2016. Technically speaking, there is sixteen times more silver on the Earth, as gold. So, in a supply and demand market scenario, it would make sense that the value ratio would fall somewhere near the 16:1 availability ratio. But history shows that gold has always managed to claim a greater value than natural availability would dictate. And all of this also in spite of the fact that silver’s industrial usages consume a far greater annual percentage of available metal, than that of gold.
More recent economic history shows that the average gold:silver ratio settles in around 60:1, meaning that even though silver has been closing the gap, it continues to lag. With gold at $1,280 per ounce, silver has every right to be posting a value greater than $21 per ounce. Recent history also shows that the month of May usually sees a decline in the price of precious metals. If gold follows suit, it may be a good opportunity for silver to close the gap at an even greater pace than it has been able to muster so far this year.

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