Today’s Greatest Threat To the American Way of Life?

In a recent conversation with a Gold Journal blog reader, it was pointed out that I frequently refer to the potential threat of dollar replacement, by the International Monetary Fund, with a “One World” currency. I was asked if I see it as the greatest threat to the American economy and way of life, or if our deteriorating relationship with a nuclear North Korea or even Russia had taken the top slot. It was an interesting question and I had to think for a minute. What came to my mind were the facts that Russia has a long history of dealing with delicate crisis scenarios and understands the politics of global crisis management. Kim Jung-un is a dangerous and deranged child, but if he were to attack anyone outside of his country, based on his propagandized fantasies, I’m confident he’d be exterminated, by the country attacked, if not by his own.

I believe that replacement of the U.S. dollar is a very real possibility, but I don’t believe it could ever happen willy-nilly. It would take a major event to precipitate such a response, which brings me to what I consider the most probable and greatest threat to our way of life, domestic terrorism. When the stock market opened following the September 11 attack, it dropped more than 7% the first day and 14% the first week. Infrastructure spending was a big part of the new administration’s election platform and even though most think of roads and bridges when the topic is brought up, a big part was meant to be spent on power grid enhancement, security, and redundancy. People get hung up with the “future” threat of Star Wars, Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons, et cetera, but fail to realize the immediate conventional vulnerability of our existing systems.

There are components of our country’s power grid, which if destroyed, could not be replaced for 1-2 years, thereby potentially leaving blocks or entire cities without power for at least that long. There are groups that have been discussing this threat for years, typically written off as foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. However, Congress has heard and attempted to budget, but current delays are creating an even greater need for urgency in the matter. This is no time for partisan gridlock. Nevertheless, the threat is real and depending on the degree of perpetration, is exactly the kind of event that could generate panic, disease and starvation in directly affected areas and potentially a systemic societal collapse.

Such systemic societal disarray in the United States could trigger the dollar’s replacement, which in turn could be one of the fastest ways to cripple all of America and end its global dominance. The treat is real and the fact of the matter is that every American needs the protection of physical precious metal, both as a store of value and a currency, particularly when nothing else works, whether cash, credit, or ATM’s. The typically recommended 5% to 15% portfolio allocation just isn’t enough anymore. And if you’re counting ETF’s as part of the allocation, then you just haven’t been paying attention. Take advantage of today’s high stock market prices to secure your future with physical gold and silver.

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