Drain the Swamp? Define it First!

The powers that be have successfully implemented weapons of mass distraction. The Russia investigation is important, but it’s a distraction. Draining the political swamp of embedded cronies is important, but a distraction. Infrastructure spending, repeal and replace, and the new administration’s travel ban are important, but distractions. None of these exercises have the ability to destroy the American way of life, in an instant. Yet the country’s greatest threat (and the world’s for that matter) which appears to be oblivious to the media is not only hiding in plain sight, but is being supported, encouraged, and funded by the people who it will ultimately destroy. I’m talking about the global banking industry.

I could pontificate for days on the topic, with a practically unlimited list of examples, but for the purpose of this article, I’m going to limit myself to three events that could cause our country’s demise, in an instant. The first thing to realize is the subtle yet effective way that banks have “helped” us to our current position. They took away the human touch, for our “convenience” and we liked it. ATM’s meant no more banking hours, or waiting in lines to get money or transact business. And now, the coming shift to cryptocurrencies is going to give the government unlimited transparency to the financial transactions of all Americans and they too love it. So they continue to clear the way for the banking industry. Bitcoin is becoming a popular digital payment system, but make no mistake about the fact that ultimately it will be bought out, commandeered, or simply consumed by the banking system. As with anything digital, such transactions can be turned on and off in an instant and absolute power lies with the person “at the switch.”

The second matter that I want to bring to your immediate attention is the fact that due to the taxpayer bailout of the American banking system in 2008, instead of reigning the banks in and implementing stricter controls, they were given golden parachutes and the keys to drive the world’s economic destiny. This gave a green light to the global banking community, who wasted no time to quickly implement the new and improved “bail-in,” successfully utilized during the Cyprus & Laiki Bank debacles, where depositor (unsecured creditor) funds were appropriated and used to cover the bank’s debt. Making individual bank depositors liable, as opposed to all general taxpayers, took the government out of the messy “clean-up” business, so was quickly followed by similar mandates from the European Union and Canadian governments. The Fed and Bank of England are sure to follow suit and soon.

And finally, you need to realize that the banking derivative gambling habit that contributed greatly to the 2008 debacle has been allowed to grow to exponential proportions and literally threatens to explode at a moment’s notice. When it happens, the fallout will be global and catastrophic. Everyone’s going on with life as normal, but there will be nothing normal in the aftermath of any of these events. Fiat money will be worthless, as well as your bank “credit.” Precious metals however, will be the honored currency they’ve been for millennium. By definition, precious metals are scarce and valuable. Don’t see today’s prices and availability as anything but an outstanding and very limited opportunity.

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