Too Big To Fail?

Banks provided the means and were responsible for the 2008 financial tumble that cost many American’s their livelihood. Banking executives, like tobacco executives years before, went before Congress and spewed utterly absurd and completely untrue hogwash. As a result of the tobacco inquiry, some executives were jailed (even if only for perjury), others were fired, and even the least of which were publicly ostracized, while the industry itself was slapped with a rainmaking fine. But the perpetrators were identified, the lies were exposed and at least to some extent, justice was served. However, banking executives placed under similar scrutiny and exposed as the same blatant pathological liars were granted golden parachutes and shipped off to Club Med instead of Club Fed. Then the bill was simply handed to the American taxpayer under the guise of “too big to fail!”
With all the distractions, claims of fake news, and threats to drain the swamp, why isn’t anyone in the media or anywhere else talking about the fact that creatures from the swamp have taken up residence in the living room? Why is no one asking why these same banking executives are still in power, moreover why they’ve been given carte blanche to continue the same dangerous and insipid derivative gambling practices, only at exponentially greater levels? The result of this round will be no different than the last, with the exception of degree. It’s not a question of if. It’s only a question of when.
Also missing from mainstream media news is the fact that while the Fed and global central banks have been publicly dissing gold and other precious metals, at the same time they’ve been clandestinely squirreling it away for a year, at prices that most probably won’t be seen again for years to come, once the economic bubble bursts. Even CNN, whose entire broadcast focuses on the “Russian distraction,” serves only to create a further distraction. The important news is that our economy is preparing for a potentially terminal swan dive, the Fed has nothing left in its quiver, and banks are racing down the road at breakneck speeds, because Greece, Spain and now Italy have shown the “Bail In” to be an exceptionally effective funding tool.
Banks have not just been given the luxury of being too big to fail. They’ve been handed the ability to be too big to CARE! Meanwhile global governments are giving them every opportunity to discourage cash transactions and replace them with digital currency, which once perfected will be commandeered by world governments, so that a true Orwellian State can be born, ultimately consolidated and headed most probably by the Bank of International Settlements. The greatest financial protection available, from every dangerous element mentioned in this article, is the physical ownership of gold and other precious metals. Don’t let today’s availability and lower prices allow you to become complacent and pass on the most necessary and greatest financial opportunity of your lifetime. Contact a professional and experienced precious metals dealer, like American Bullion, immediately to secure your financial future.

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