Tonight’s Debate Will Not Be The Reality Bowl!

Tonight’s debate is supposed to set a record for viewership, of such an event. This would indicate a serious interest on the part of the American Public to understand the intentions of the candidates regarding tonight’s proposed topics, centering on the country’s economy and security. What you’re going to witness however, is a ninety minute filibuster. Ninety minutes of blathering hogwash. It will include a well-anticipated list of questions for participants with well-rehearsed answers consisting of nothing more than certifiable B.S.

What you’re not going to walk away from this debate with is a clear understanding of the real problems facing our economy and our country. Come Tuesday morning, everyone will be right back to life as usual, with no greater concern for the fact that large elements of the global energy sector are collapsing or going bankrupt as you read, or that our country’s largest retailer, Walmart recently closed 250 stores to maintain profitability, or that both political parties have combined to double our national debt over the past ten years, while the Fed has expanded the money supply four-fold in just the past six years.

The fact of the matter is that this is just going to be another stupid reality show where everyone watching hopes to witness a massive gaff on the part of the “other” candidate, so at the water cooler tomorrow everyone can pontificate, elaborate and belabor the snafu, ad nauseam. But rest assured that no candidate is going to stand up tonight and say that effective Day 1 of their term, bank executives will be made 100% accountable for their company’s actions and investments. Nor will they put the Fed on notice that the U.S. economy is not a test vehicle for Harvard-certified clowns to experiment with, especially while being completely unaccountable and in no way liable.

If this 90-minute period was truly set aside for the purpose of finding out who has the best plan for moving the U.S. economy forward, it wouldn’t be a debate at all. Instead, the moderator would escort each candidate into their own soundproof booth and then simply ask one question, simultaneously giving them any or all of 90 minutes to answer. “Every member currency of the IMF’s “Global Reserve Currency” basket, including the soon-to-be-added Chinese Yuan are floundering. So when the IMF decides one evening, sometime in the next four years, to implement a new “One World” currency, what infrastructure, policies and procedures will you have in place to help the average American deal with the sudden loss of preferential benefits we’ve taken for granted for more than 70 years and the total debasement of the dollar, which will immediately and dramatically wreak financial havoc on stocks, real estate and every single financial instrument tied to the U. S. dollar?”

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