Today’s Equity Market Is a Flame to the Investor Moth!

Watching investors scurry to invest in today’s equity market is painful for me. Why can they not see that the stock market is completely oversold? Why can they not see that corporate stock buybacks have gutted most companies, by trading long term growth for short term profitability? What gives them reason for such trust in a Fed that took too long to raise interest rates in advance of inflation, a government that cooks the books to levels that would embarrass even Arthur Andersen, and a currency that revels being the strongest in the world, yet is fashioned entirely from a house of cards.

Today’s equity market is ground zero for what promises to be the bursting of a bubble that will overshadow the Dot Com collapse. I simply can’t understand why investors are euphorically running into a burning building, but moreover, without the slightest consideration for protection. Simply put, the market is at an all-time high, is well-overdue for a shakeout, and has done nothing to prepare for future growth. Meanwhile, the dollar has become a shining star in a global economic community full of utter failures. At best, it’s the only imbecile in a room full of idiots. If the International Monetary Fund does their job, it won’t be long before they outright replace the dollar and other global reserve currencies, with a gold-backed One World Currency, fulfilling their mandate by providing global economic stability, equity, and universal acceptance.

Any of the above facts make for a good reason to protect your assets with physical precious metals. Add to that precious metal prices that are at a ten month low and you’ve got the best of both worlds. Buy low and sell high couldn’t be made any easier, particularly now because of the $1.6 billion Muslims sure to increase demand, who were given the green light on Monday, by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions, when they announced changes that make investing in gold compliant with Sharia law. Disturbing factors generated by Italy’s referendum vote, tomorrow’s European Central Bank meeting, and next week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting, complete with an interest rate increase, will surely combine to put the brakes on the equity market’s current run.

As the ether wears off from the post election high that’s been created and the reality of our dismal global economic situation becomes even more apparent, a large swath of stocks will plummet and demand for precious metals will increase exponentially. If you do the math, you’ll realize that there’s never been a better time to protect your assets and your legacy with the safety and security of physical precious metals. Waiting for the bandwagon this time could be far more than just expensive.

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