1984 Is Catching Up!

Don’t look now, but Big Brother is at it again and this time with a vengeance. I tried to deposit $500 cash in my daughter’s bank account to assist with her rent payment, while she’s away at grad school. Chase Bank told me that only she can deposit cash into her account. I’d have to use a debit card from another bank account in my name or get a money order. When I asked for an explanation of the inconvenience, they explained it was a federal effort to avoid money laundering. Debit card tracking is obvious, but I said I could purchase a money order under any name. The teller told me that they’re required to match the money order purchaser’s name with appropriate ID and record the information, before allowing the deposit.

The avenues to a cashless society are now coming at us hot and heavy. Before you know it, Big Brother will have us believing that the Bill of Rights is nothing more than a “guideline.” Just like the banks told us ATM’s were being created for “our convenience.” Forget the fact that they fired thousands of tellers and saved a boatload of money. Forget the fact that today you get charged for using an ATM not owned by your bank and again by your bank for accepting it. And finally, if you don’t have a “premium” account with your own bank, nowadays you even get charged for ATM usage there too. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” This is all being done for YOUR convenience, trust me!

Many are flocking to bitcoin as a savior from the banking oligarchs, but that too is nothing more than a façade. The government and banks are not willing to give up their monopolistic franchises. Bitcoin is nothing more than a temporary annoyance to banks and governments that will pacify citizens and make the system seem more “friendly.” But ultimately, banks which are the hand puppet of government will either commandeer, co-opt, or consume such rogue organizations. Then they will turn their attention to the ultimate target and underlying force they must control to manage their “Orwellian” citizenry, Gold!

Having acclimated the citizenry to the “convenience” of bitcoin and blockchain technology, they will remove cash completely and replace it with a bank/government-controlled cryptocurrency. Using gold’s scarcity as an excuse for its creation, the next step for the government will most probably be to create some sort of blockchain gold ETF, “so that ALL can benefit from the value of gold.” Ultimately, it too will be nothing more than another fiat currency. But when all of this has transpired, which won’t be anywhere near as long as most might think possible, the value of physical gold will be astronomical. The greatest protection anyone can generate for their financial future is the physical ownership of gold. Today’s low prices are just an absurd bonus.

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