The Headlines Say It All!

“Doug Casey Says Trump will be blamed when the economy fails.” “Central Banks ARE the Crisis.” “Gold Garnering Power as the Buck Goes Sour.” “Preparing For the Bottom – Part 1/3.” “Weaker Dollar, Nervous Equity Investors Positive for Gold.” “Why Is the Trump Dollar So Weak?” “Without Fiscal Help, the Fed May Back Off.” “Another Bullish Call for Gold Comes With Yet Another Call for A Financial Meltdown.” “Gold Breaks Out as Dollar Crumbles.” These are just some of the headlines featured on every paper in America this week. No matter where you look, everyone agrees that it’s just a matter of time before the U.S. experiences an economic meltdown.

Whether you examine the bond market, stock market, currency market, or any other vein of the U.S. economy, you’ll find worn out investment vehicles on their last leg, just like our gasping bull market. The only “bull” left in today’s stock market can be found in their popular and massive stock buyback programs that were extended well beyond their warranted and useful prime, floating a long list of stocks well past their legitimate limits and causing the market to become dangerously over-bought. The market operates on liquidity and as long as there are buyers, there is liquidity, but the credit abuse that has become the norm for companies and consumers alike has finally run its course and not even the Fed can keep people from “looking behind the curtain,” now.

The American government has lied to the American people for generations. It keeps the peace, prevents panic and allows the country to operate through thick and thin. The media is in cahoots with the government, otherwise you’d be seeing and hearing a lot more about the dangerous positions of U.S. banks relative to their derivative gambling habits, which have increased exponentially since the government bailed them out with taxpayer money and left the door wide open for free access in the future. Also, today’s headline of “Gold Rallies After Downbeat Batch of U.S. Economic Data,” should cause at least a slight market downturn, but instead the market is up more than 70 points. The government/media-induced etherized buying binge is the only thing keeping the collapse from occurring today, or yesterday, or the day before. It’s Russian roulette and the collapse is only a question of time.

Global central banks have been dissing gold for months and prices have wallowed, nevertheless they’ve been squirreling it away in large quantities. The average investor who’s going along with the government/media’s “life as usual” presentation is going to be blind-sided and crushed by the coming collapse, 2008 was just a warm-up, all the same elements are present, just in a far more exponential form. Headlines and intelligent voices are sounding the alarm, but those too are easily crushed out in the steady abundance of white noise. Don’t listen to what central banks are telling you, do what they are doing! Physical precious metals are the solution to surviving the coming economic storm. Today’s availability and lower prices are just a tremendous bonus.

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