Follow Me To Safety!

I enter through the main door on the ground floor. The entire floor is a bank. I find the administration in chaos and running in circles, rather than toward the door. There’s heat coming off the east wall from the fire on the other side. On the west side of the main floor is a fireworks outlet. So it’s apparent as we progress that we’ll have to warn, gather, and move quickly. Ascending the stairs to the second floor, the smell of smoke is in the air. I come upon a variety of small retail stores that appear to have already evacuated, so I move to the third floor. Although the fire alarm is sounding, without a hint of smoke detected, concern on this first of the residential floors is very low. We inform people that the building is on fire. We instruct them to exit down the western stairwell, but only a handful respond accordingly. The response on the remaining three floors is identical. I instructed a man on the 4th floor to follow me to the stairwell and he told me he wasn’t leaving without his grandfather clock, a family heirloom.

The fireman’s story depicted in the previous paragraph may seem awkward, trivial, and even unreal, but it is incredibly analogous to the work being done by today’s precious metal dealers. These professionals are climbing through investor floors, warning of the economic fire below. Without seeing the fire, or smelling the smoke, many investors are willing to wait for “clear signs,” at potentially great personal risk. A handful of investors immediately recognize the potential danger and take appropriate actions. Still others are paralyzed by the fear of losing something, or getting out too early, or letting go of something they really don’t need. The symptoms are the same and inaction in both scenarios can end in death, whether fictional or financial.

What triggers the coming economic fire is immaterial, but all the fuel necessary to burn our economic house of cards to the ground is clearly in place. The source of ignition could be IMF replacement of the dollar as a world currency, or another far larger banking collapse due to the exponentially unchecked and growing abuse of derivatives, or any one of a thousand similarly dangerous economic conditions being completely ignored in plain sight. Meanwhile, today’s nanosecond trading technology insures that whatever the trigger, our overbought and long-in-the-tooth bull market will have an immediate and precipitous response. Life for unprepared survivors will be incredibly difficult, dealing with loss, injury, and financial devastation.

Many may find this blog article shocking and disturbing. But if just one person is saved from economic hardship by my attempt to inform, then I will not apologize, because mainstream media has swept this information under the rug, but American investors deserve and need to know. When all or most all other assets fail, precious metals will be the valuable currency they are and have been for many thousands of years. Physical gold, silver, and other precious metals are not “another investment option.” They are a necessary and required financial life vest. Today’s availability and lower prices are just tremendous bonuses.

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