Political Parties Have Become Political Extremes!

Civiqs is an online polling and analytics company that focuses on providing answers to general and specific public opinion research questions such as, “Do you favor or oppose stricter gun control laws.” Many of the questions are asked on a monthly rotation, so as to identify trends and changes in public opinion. I mention this because the Democratic and Republican parties have become so polarized at extremes, there doesn’t appear to be a middle ground anymore, but the reality is that’s where a majority of Americans want to fall. There’s been very little change over the past two years, particularly when looking at the “Favorable” rating for both parties, neither of which has achieved a 50% rating at any time over the same period, while “Unsure” remains between 7% and 12%.

Daily Kos claims to be an active arm of the Democratic Party, but the daily barrage of “not Daily Kos reviewed” information provided to “subscribers,” that being anyone who hasn’t “unsubscribed” once targeted, comes directly from the extreme left. Not only does their material focus on mudslinging, rather than policy and actions, but the mudslinging tends to be focused on impeachment innuendos, hearsay, and allegations rather than substantive missteps. Just as an example, a recent Daily Kos headline read, “Trump claims he’s never met his rape accuser; this photo says different.” The photo shows Donald and Ivanka Trump meeting and shaking hands in a doorway with the accuser and her then husband. The caption places the occurrence at an NBC party held in 1987. The attack was said to have taken place in a department store dressing room in the mid-1990’s. The article states that perhaps Trump doesn’t recall the meeting, but lambasts him for presenting his response as a “metaphysical certainty.”

If these two parties spent half as much time on important issues, as they have on potential adversary dirt, then we may not have the perfect storm conditions in which we currently find ourselves. Hillary’s emails, Russia’s election interference, and Trump’s “locker room antics” did not create our $22 trillion national debt, nor our $50+ trillion “unfunded liability” responsibilities (like Medicare, social security, and more). It’s the only REAL topic any politician, Democrat, Republican, or anything else, should be concerned with and making a plan to resolve. Instead Republicans want to build a wall and Democrats want to give away education and healthcare to all! Don’t get me wrong, they’re lovely ideas, but in the real world these things need to be paid for. As is, 78% of REAL Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and many are working well into their 70’s to make ends meet and achieve a maximum social security payout. But 1960’s Flemming vs. Nestor case ruled that social security is not insurance, only a tax. It obligates workers to make contributions, but permits Congress to adjust, reduce, or eliminate benefits at any time leaving no recourse. A citizen’s general control to any of this is exclusively at the polls.

As the 2020 election approaches, the political rhetoric and fake news is sure to ramp up. I suggest that it is the responsibility of every American to protect themselves, their families, and assets from the coming storm as quickly as possible. Precious metals have a long history of providing such protections and in spite of recent gains their potential to skyrocket in the face of the coming storm remains great. Prices still well below previous highs are just a bonus. Call the experts at American Bullion for professional assistance at (800) 653-GOLD (4653).

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