Business 502: Advanced Artificial Financial Manipulation

Apparently, everyone in government, Wall Street and the Fed has been trained in Business 502. And they’re all sticking to the script, almost verbatim. Specific processes and implementation may vary, but the template remains the same; identify a goal, create a plausible story highlighting the benefit to the main character(s), and then defend the story until it collapses under you with a scapegoat at the ready (one to be blamed or billed).

Having driven the economy down a one-way road with no opportunity to turn around, our government is struggling to prevent or at least delay a panic, due to economic instability, for as long as possible. To facilitate this process, numbers have been fudged, reports reorganized to appear more positive, and money printing has been permitted to the point of doubling our National Debt in just ten years. FEMA has quietly been fortified to epic proportions, while local police have received federal assistance with equipment and firepower purported that it’s to combat and prevent domestic and/or international terrorism, but realistically, all in preparation for a Marshall Law scenario.

Wall Street appears to be doing their part by looking out for shareholders, creating the illusion of a growing market, when in fact nothing but freshly printed dollars and low-interest loans permitting irrational stock buybacks (with money that should be used for true expansion). Stick with the story right up to the bitter end, then cash in the golden parachute and hand the bill to the American Investor and Taxpayer, just like in 2008.

The Fed is the conductor of this tragic opera, preaching the benefits of quantitative easing, but not following through with any qualitative procedures. Keeping interest rates absurdly low for far too long, but not enforcing any qualitative activities like corporate expansion of most productive departments rather than stock buybacks at inopportune times, for no one’s benefit except for executives gorging on earnings per share incentives.

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  1. Yes, the economic system is not difficult to predict inflation = a desperate measure to control and the only outcome after a world economic collapse is martial law where your constitution and civil rights are just a peace of paper.
    It is when any government can implement policies to benefit the servants and its country which means you are left to fend for your self without a gun, food, money or precious metals.
    So what i recommend is unity and land with natural resources.
    And believe me some people are doing just that literally.

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