Buying Gold is a Very-Smart Decision for Today’s Investor

When you are planning for future retirement you want to make investments that are safe, secure and have real potential to increase in value over time. However, many of the traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds have become risky assets in our volatile economy. Gold, however, circumvents most of the pitfalls and has been steadily increasing in value ever since we left the gold standard back in 1971. Today, adding gold to your investment portfolio is a very-smart move to make.

For wise investors, gold and other precious metals have been safe havens during troubled economic time for centuries because it has intrinsic value that is recognized everywhere. On the other hand, major currencies are subject to pitfalls such as devaluation, inflation and other factors brought on by economic and geopolitical problems. This also means that currencies like the U.S. dollar have a dramatic effect on paper assets such as stocks and bonds. As dollars become worth less and buy less, the value of dollar-backed assets also decline.

The above situation accurately defines why so many investors with all their eggs in one basket (paper assets) have taken big losses in their retirement portfolios during the past several years of economic turmoil such as bank failures and rampant foreclosures. Gold, however, has continued to perform well especially in terms of value as shown in the Kitco Metals graph below that charts the market price of gold over the past ten years:

As shown above, the price of gold was just $255.50/ounce on March 1st, 2001. Today, ten years later, that price has reached a whopping $1,435.70/ounce, an increase of 562.75%! The lucky investor who purchased just 10 ounces of gold as bullion coins or bars for $2,555.00 in 2001 now has $14,357.00 toward his retirement. Even better, most informed analysts are predicting that the gold price may well appreciate still further, possibly reaching $2,000.00 or more/ounce by the end of 2011.

Investors Have Many Choices Today

Companies such as American currently provide investors with a diverse selection of bullion gold products in the form of coins and bars. These can be purchased online as individual products or added to a gold IRA with tax and penalty-free advantages. Moreover, American Bullion has specialists available who will help investors convert traditional and Roth IRAs into a new gold IRA accounts simply, securely and without any hassles.

The investor that buys gold can take physical possession of that gold now, or have it stored in an IRS-approved secure depository by the company’s Trust Company, Self Directed IRA Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Horizon Bank, until they want to take possession.

The very-wide selection of gold coins and bars offered by American can be reviewed on the company’s website at: .

Regardless of whether an investor wants coins or bars; wishes to diversify their portfolio by adding just 5-10% gold or elects to convert a larger percentage of paper assets to gold, American Bullion provides all the expert counsel necessary to get the task accomplished quickly and easily. Whatever the investment option selected, gold assets represent a very-smart choice.

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