Are Ya Feelin’ Lucky? Well, Are Ya?

As a published science fiction author, I’m a sucker for a good and innovative story, but I saw an article this morning stating that the DOW is set to achieve 60,000 within the next five years. For the record, I’ll reiterate what I said a year ago, the DOW will hit 10,000 before it hits 20,000. Central-bank monetary masturbation is the ONLY force driving the global market today. This week’s new high in the S&P is as artificial as Astroturf. I haven’t identified the source of the ether leak yet, causing such fantastic hallucinations, but I assure you that we’ll experience the Second Coming before seeing the DOW hit 60,000.

After years of global growth and mutual respect, the selfishness of human nature has returned and once again we find our global community struggling for new ways to insulate from others, with walls, tariffs, and successions that permit individuals greater control in the short term, but a tremendous loss of opportunity for mass benefit in the long term. Segregation is the single most common factor that leads to war. And war is the absolute antithesis to the maximization of global progress, prosperity and benefit. The die has been cast and no hero of any nationality has appeared on the horizon with the message and ability to reverse our current course.

As positive as I would like to be, I must say that negative interest rates, printing press politicians and an unfocused disgust by global citizenry has us positioned for a global currency collapse never before seen or imagined. Like no other time in history, precious metals are a necessary part of any financial portfolio and most certainly any retirement portfolio. The 5%-15% precious metal portion recommended by most financial advisors, during typical times, doesn’t even come close to the protection needed to withstand the coming economic calamity.

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