Look Behind the Curtain Before It’s Too Late!

Upon leaving office, a Congressman of 22 years issued a stern warning to his constituents, as well as the rest of America’s taxpayers. He pointed out the fact that a U.S. Dollar collapse is INEVITABLE. The average life expectancy of a world reserve currency is 94 years, which the dollar became in 1920, 98 years ago. He drew attention to the fact that our national debt had surpassed $20 trillion and the IMF had just appointed the Chinese Renminbi as a World Reserve Currency. As a matter of fact he wrote a book on the topic and for its time it was accurate and timely, but in December of 2017, two major geo-political events occurred in plain sight and our media has responded with nothing more than dead cat bounce coverage. Meanwhile, the entire economic terrain has shifted and no one seems to be the wiser, because no earthshaking issue has been made of the occurrences by simply connecting the dots.

I’m talking about the history of the Petrodollar. Many of today’s investors are too young to recall the tremendous accomplishment that occurred back in 1974, when Henry Kissinger was able to get King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to agree to conduct all oil transactions in U. S. Dollars, for the guaranteed military defense of Saudi Arabia by U.S. forces. But the agreement provided tremendous benefit to the U.S. Dollar and was frequently used by the U.S. government, to enforce sanctions against other countries. China, Russia and Iran, just to name three, have spent a lot of time doing their best to get the status of the U.S. Dollar reduced or replaced as the premier World Reserve Currency.

While the U.S. immersed itself in Christmas cheer last December, China and Russia were busily at work, assuring an end to the petrodollar and U.S. hegemony with it. China increased to twenty, the number of countries carrying out oil transactions off grid, in an oil for Yuan/Gold exchange, via the Shanghai Energy Exchange. Oil is transacted in Yuan and can immediately be exchanged for gold. The process is appealing to most and even more appealing to those who have grown weary of years of American saber-rattling. Meanwhile, Russia completed a sale of the S-400 defensive missile system with reigning King Salman of Saudi Arabia. So, with absolutely no fanfare from the media, U.S. hegemony quietly finds itself on the verge of extinction and the average citizen/investor has no idea of the potential event or ramifications.

But regardless of the ultimate trigger, the dollar downgrade/demise is coming. All of the necessary ingredients have been put into place. The collapse will provide a global economic sea change. The domino effect that will occur is obvious and predictable. Our long-in-the-tooth bull market will be an immediate casualty, dollar value will drop or evaporate entirely, and banks will shut down, giving customers “Greek haircuts” as needed to survive. Physical precious metals are the ultimate protection from the coming economic events and today’s lower prices are just another reason to increase your position, now. Don’t get caught without a chair when the music stops!

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