What’s Causing Today’s Polarity and Discontent?

HR 2990 and SR 759 are disasters waiting to happen to all America, but especially for seniors and retirees. The highest levels of wealth and power in our country are silently pushing this “reform,” designed to rebalance power in this country. With all the talk of fake news, it astounds me that Americans aren’t naturally connecting the dots. That same group is promoting the belief that the economy is strong, unemployment is at record lows, and wages are increasing. So, could someone please explain to me why “during the best economic growth in recent years:”

  • Adult children are still being supported by 74% of American parents.
  • Today’s average American dies $61,000 in debt.
  • Drug abuse is so high in America that it’s directly lowering overall life expectancy.
  • Our political parties have become nothing more than extreme polar opposites.
  • The volume of senior bankruptcies and homeless seniors has exploded.


Moreover, generation after generation of Americans lived well with one spouse working a 40-hour week and retiring at 60 with a full pension. Today, even with both spouses working full time, many millions of Americans are failing to make ends meet. Nearly a hundred thousand people are defaulting on their student loans every month. Record numbers of young men aren’t even working. Is it at all surprising that half of Millennials identify as “socialists?” That’s the same “disease” we fought wars in Korea and Viet Nam to protect our country from.

History shows that between 1979 and 2009, the average income of the top 1% grew more than 240%. During the same span of time, the average working American saw an increase of 10%. Meanwhile, healthcare, housing, and energy prices soared. The gap between average workers and the top 1% increased much more dramatically from 1995 on, but it’s not THE reason for today’s political polarity and social discontent. Coming off the gold standard in 1971 gave banks and the government UNLIMITED CREDIT and in short order they replaced steel as our Number One export, with dollars and jobs. But our credit is only good if people are willing to accept it. The Fed dodged a bullet last week when liquidity in the overnight market dried up and rates shot up to 10% almost instantly. Unlike 2008, they were quickly able to buyback billions in Treasury bills to calm nerves and bring interest rates back down to its target rate. Wall Street did everything it could to prevent panic and the accommodating media dismissed it as though it weren’t a problem at all. The following day, Fed Chairman Powell went on television to explain the Fed’s simple, swift, and no big deal action.

But it is a big deal! The fact of the matter is that our financial system is insanely overextended! There is nowhere near enough liquidity to meet reserve requirements in a major crisis. Right under our feet, the free market system has been converted to bank socialism. But somehow, this isn’t news! I’m not a conspiracy theorist at heart, but I can’t ignore FACTS. There is a concerted high level effort to keep this information sequestered or diffused, at least until it’s simply too late. Worst of all, Dodd Frank insures that when the banks go bust, your deposits are the banks money and you have no recourse. Don’t believe any of this? Check it out for yourself, because their all FACTS! Protect yourself now with the world’s only true and universal currency. Call the physical precious metal specialists at American Bullion. Call (800) 653-GOLD (4653) now!

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