Nervous Is The New Normal!

If you’re an investor and today’s market doesn’t make you nervous, then either you’ve got nerves of steel or you’re a self-medicating pharmacist. The stock market can’t get out of its own way and the only thing moving it is the neurotic antics of the Fed. Globally speaking, the list of countries at or near bankruptcy continues to grow, as does the list of countries desperately seeking relief with negative interest rates, no matter how fanciful.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Yuan is preparing to assume its position among the IMF’s lofty membership of Global Reserve Currencies. Unfortunately, the short-sighted view of most investors and the media reporting such events are not able to see the big picture. I’m referring to the fact that all five members of that elite club are awash in debt and experiencing tremendous difficulties with their currencies and economies. The dollar, euro, pound sterling, yen and yuan are all grappling with a variety of financial efforts to strengthen their floundering economies.

The question everyone seems to be afraid to ask is, “how long will the IMF watch these economies flounder before they step in and implement their One World Currency?” The pitch to the global economy is simple, straightforward and absolutely correct. The global economy is suffering because the current fragmented basket of global reserve currencies are in a constant state of flux and are being dealt with individually, creating more room for error and even greater room for instability. A One World global currency would be universally accepted and the success or failure of floundering economies could be dealt with individually through their specific currency exchange, having no direct effect on the stability of the One World Currency.

China and Russia have been bashing the U. S. leadership role for years and the fact of the matter is that through our stewardship, we’ve done an utterly lame job of instilling any type of confidence in the global economic community. If the currency change were to happen overnight, other economies in the basket would take a hit but survive. The United States economy however, would effectively be reduced to rubble and the advantages that we’ve come to take for granted for so many years would suddenly cease. At this point, there is no cure for this potential affliction, the only possible relief can be provided by a heavy dose of the only true universal currencies, gold and silver.

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